I was lucky enough to be invited to join 361° at their European headquarters last weekend for a brand ambassador meet up. 361° one degree beyond is about the dedication and commitment to support athletes of all levels of ability. They believe you can do more than you think you can, and they want to support you to perform beyond your own expectations. I’ve been enjoying using 361° trainers for the last six months, and I was keen to learn more about the brand, their ethos and the other products they offer. We were also accompanied by Simon and Georgia who run the Freestak platform – a great tool for putting influencers in touch with brands who suit each other.


Spending time with the fellow ambassadors was inspiring, and I really left the weekend feeling highly motivated. I was taken back by how small the team was – it was clear they really want the company to have a supportive, family vibe.

Friday morning was an early morning alarm, but one I felt good about as I knew I was meeting Marie Louise at the airport who I was excited to meet after endless conversations about triathlons on Instagram. Isn’t it just amazing how you can make friends over social media before you even meet someone?

When we arrived at the airport, we met with some other ambassadors and 361° colleague Anouk, who right away made me feel very welcome. I was nervous about going on a weekend for runners, being injured and unable to run, but she put me right at ease and right away that fear I had was put to bed! We made our way to the 361° offices, located right on the river and were greeted with lots of hugs and offers of coffee and chocolate croissants – right away I felt settled.


The best bit of the weekend for me was the presentations by each of the ambassadors. It left me feeling so positive about myself. For the last few months I have been so down about not running but actually telling a group about why I run, and the fact I’ve finished 23 marathons had me feeling really proud and confident about my running which I’ve not felt in a long time. All the ambassadors answered the below basic questions:

  • Who you are where you are from and a bit about yourself
  • Why and when you started running?
  • Why you are a 361° ambassador?
  • What do you hope to achieve as a 361° ambassador?

A few of my favourite stories were Frank’s, Bianca’s and Wil’s. 

After lunch we heard more about 361° as a brand which was great and then we had a presentation on how to create video content. We then made our way to our hotel in a boat which was another nice touch. Friday night was the town’s Grachtenloop 10KM run. The atmosphere was amazing – I haven’t seen a warm up like it! I put my race number on and joined in the start to make the most of the experience but decided not even to walk the race as I didn’t want to make my hip worse. Everyone was running different races, some going for speed including Matt, others enjoying chatting to new friends. Laura and Bethan ran the whole race together, enjoying getting to know each other.


Afterwards we had a few 361° beers and got to know each other more.

Saturday started with a yoga class on the beach. Normally I don’t enjoy yoga, but in this setting it was hard not to feel relaxed! We had an inspiring talk on how to organise local events in your community and also heard from Juliet Elliot about how to become a great ambassador. It was clear she had excellent social media skills.

The team then went on a jog – I have to admit I did join in for 5 mins at the start to be in a few photos – look away now surgeon and physios! I loved my brief 5 min jog, it was great to be running again. Sadly it did hurt though, but at least I tested the hip out. The weekend was brought to a close with a beach BBQ and a few more beers – a truly great experience and one I hope we can repeat soon! Thanks for letting us use the offical photos from the weekend 361°.

Please see my Instagram for more stories and photos from the weekend.

Other ambassadors who took part this weekend include: